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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website, which is owned by Playing Hacks, is covered by this online privacy policy. The  Privacy Policy explains how, when you use our website, Playing Hacks gathers, utilizes, and distributes your personal information. The terms “you and your” as used in this online privacy notice refer to all users of the website, including but not limited to clients, brokers, administrators of third parties, and/or representatives of any of the aforementioned.

Privacy Policy
                     Privacy Policy


Information You Provide to Us and the Sources of the Information We Gather:


  • Name, first and last,
  • The physical address, along with the zip code
  • Cellphone Number
  • Contact email


How We Use Your Data

Moreover, we  use the personal information you choose to give us—for example, by sending us an email through one of our online email boxes, by completing a form on our website and sending it to us, or by logging on to our website—to answer your message and assist us in getting the information you’ve requested. Playing Hacks perform transactions at your request and verify your identity as a registered user using the information you give. We may also use the information you give us to comply with industry standards. Additionally we use information for best practices, legal and regulatory requirements.

How Long We Keep Personal Information

The reason it was obtained, our business need it, and our legal requirements around it will all influence how long we keep your personal information on file.  We keep your personal information on file for as long as is necessary to comply with our record-keeping standards and to accomplish the original intent for which it was collected. Our retention procedures take legal obligations and related statutes of limitations into account.  We take precautions to ensure that your personal information cannot be recovered or recreated when we destroy it.